PMA Network is DSP
that allows you to place targeted ads
on thousands mobile apps all over the World

PMA Network is DSP
that allows you
to place targeted ads
on thousands mobile apps
all over the World

Platform tech

Real-Time Bidding

RTB is a method of buying display ad impressions through online auctions in real-time. As the app loads, RTB technologies analyse all available data on the user (gender, age, interests, location, actions log). After that, an auction is held based on these criteria, and the winner’s ad is shown on the user-requested page.

Such a system is profitable for advertisers and publishers alike. Advertisers only pay for impressions within their target audience, get better conversion rates and improve the efficiency of the whole campaign. Publishers show ads that are more relevant to their users.

Programmatic buying

This refers to automation and optimisation of display ad buying in real-time. This is how it works: using RTB, PMA Network automatically buys ad impressions in real-time, keeping in mind both targeting preferences and the data we’ve gathered about the users. This significantly improves targeting accuracy.

Our tech advantages

Precise client targeting

Automatic conversion based on KPI

Campaign optimisation by CTR, CPC or CPA

Data providers integration

Traffic from anywhere in the world in just a couple of minutes

Our formats

Standard banners

A JPG, PNG or GIF banner with classic sizes of 320×50, 300×250, 320×480 for smartphones and 728×90 for tablets.

Native banners

This is an ad slot consisting of several elements: headline, description, image or video, rating. An app developer chooses those that suit the app’s design best.

Video ads

Can be pre-, mid or post-roll. Can also be embedded in a site or an app — natively as well — and shown after a certain event.

Rich media banners

This type of banner uses the capabilities of HTML5, CSS3 as well as smartphone features such as accelerometer, HTML5 animation, countdown, location, dynamic content, social media interaction and more.


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By device



Device Type

Connection Type

App Category

Impression Capping

Additional services

Personal account manager

Your very own manager, always available to answer any questions and to monitor your campaign

Ads design

We will create highly effective ads using our expertise and taking into account the metrics for your campaign

About us

What We Do

Performance Mobile Ad Network (PMA Network) is a mobile DSP with traffic from all over the world.

Our platform allows direct advertisers, developers and agencies to run ad campaigns on thousands of apps and mobile sites worldwide for the mobile audience.

If you are a mobile SSP and you have some data on mobile audience or you can offer us something interesting, please get in touch.
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